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3-Step course to raise your TOEFL listening score: Strategy, Tools, and Full Practice Tests | taught by Adam Edgar
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Adam Edgar
Adam Edgar
Lead Instructor

About the instructor

Adam has been an English and TOEFL instructor for 10 years and is the creator of the English Simple TOEFL program.

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The English Simple TOEFL Listening course is a simple, three step program that will:

  • Give you the skill to score high and complete each TOEFL listening task quickly and easily. You’ll learn the simple, secret structure of the TOEFL and understand exactly what to do, and not do, to get top scores in the TOEFL listening section, and each question.
  • Establish confidence for your test day - English Simple TOEFL listening provides actual model tests based on the real TOEFL so you’ll feel relaxed and ready on the day of your test.
  • Support you every step of the way - All of English Simple’s lessons provide channels to our team of top-scoring, professional TOEFL instructors to answer all of your questions about the TOEFL test. All of your questions, answered by the experts!

What our students are saying:

“So simple and clear that it’s just mind-blowing! Thank you!”

  • Vika Ershova

“I watched these videos before taking my test and just got the scores. 103. Alhamdulilah. minimum 23 in speaking everything else is over 25. Thank you!”

  • Saad Bhalli

“Your lessons are amazing! I basically followed your tips while studying for my TOEFL exam, and I can say that they are way better than the official TOEFL IBT textbook. With your tips and same time spent on really trying to understand the exam structure I got a score of 109 on my exam last week! So I would definitely recommend everyone. Thank you very much!”

  • Maria Pereira


Course Contents

2 Videos
10 Texts